AVR Accent WB 2006 met Baselier

Second hand AVR Accent WB 2006 with Baselier haulm topper for sale. The advantage of this pulled bunker potato harvester is, among others, the favorable price and weight distribution. This potato harvester comes with a Baselier haulm topper, which can be used on the front linkage. This way, gasoline is saved and unnecessary rutting is avoided.

We can also arrange specialized, insured international transport.

Baselier voor bij AVR Accent aardappelrooier

Baselier voorkant

AVR Accent WB 2006 typeplaatje

AVR Accent met Baselier

AVR Accent zijkant

AVR Accent achterwiel

AVR Accent opvoerband

AVR Accent binnenwerk

AVR Accent richter

AVR Accent band

AVR Accent hydraulisch aangedreven bunker

AVR Accent kettingaandrijving

AVR Accent reiniger

AVR Accent egelband